nUde Swim was created to exhibit the raw, fettered beauty of a woman in her truest form. Founded by Latoya Anderson in 2018, during a time of personal growth and reflection, she realized that more women needed to recognize the power within themselves. Encouraging women to be kind to their bodies and their minds through self-care and self-love is the mindset at the core of every design. Being nude should feel like freedom and wearing nUde Swim will be an accessory to that beautiful abandon. 


Created and sustainably sourced in Canada, our bold colors and sleek designs come together to mimic the audacity and intellect of the modern woman. Each swimsuit is meant to highlight the natural curve and silhouette, bosom and womb, that make a woman unlike any other creature on earth. nUde Swim is about more than posing beautifully on someone’s beach, we’re about fully embracing your individuality and going out into the world to make your mark!