The naked truth about nUde swim

Nude Swimwear was inspired and created for the women who have a passion in their heart for adventure and travel.  Founded in 2018, we aim to create vibrant, sexy, bold, and versatile swimwear that suit any setting, whether you’re sailing through the Eagan Sea in Santorini, surfing the breathtaking Indonesian Beaches, or just enjoying a delicious cocktail by the pool bar on your long anticipated escape from reality. Designed for all women regardless of age, shape, or size, we aim to empower women to feel comfortable and confident.



Created and designed by Latoya A Anderson, born in the Island of Jamaica but built her roots in Canada, it’s only natural that she would have an authentic love for the ocean, sand, palm trees, and anything that would give her an excuse to slip into a bikini.  As her love for traveling grew fonder with each new destination, she embarked on the journey to create swimwear that speaks to the adventurous spirit in so many of us. 

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