My nUde is Beautiful!



“I want to celebrate all women, in all their shapes.”

Our swimsuits are an accessory to the beauty you embody. Slim, thick, athletic, or full-figured, every suit was created with “U” in mind. The magic isn’t in the swimsuit, it’s in how empowered you feel when you’re wearing a statement piece curated for BOLD, BADASS BABES like you!!

Your outer appearance is an expression of the beauty you feel within. We want to capture that feeling when you’re slaying the beach in one of our swimsuits this summer!

So in July 2019 we did our first GIVEAWAY because wherever you are in your journey through self-care, strut 👏🏽 your 👏🏽 stuff 👏🏽. 

Your nUde is beautiful! 


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